About Jack Stone Investigations

Jack Stone Investigations stands as one of a select few career private investigators in the USA that’s both licensed and insured. While other private investigators boast about their previous careers in law enforcement, their experience unfortunately doesn’t translate into aptitude in an industry that requires subtlety – something flashing blue lights and intimidating uniforms hardly instill in a budding investigator. Additionally, many other investigators take on the professional as a hobby. The Jack Stone Investigations team are certified as professionals – continually training and utilizing all private investigatory resources to remain the preferred private investigators when it really matters.

Why Hire Jack Stone Investigations?

Jack Stone Investigations boasts over two decades of field experience within Florida and beyond. Having learned every back road, alley, vantage point, club and bar within the area, our investigators effectively position themselves to ensure optimal outcomes for every investigation we undertake. Utilizing advanced, state-of-the-art equipment, we provide courtroom-caliber results and indisputable evidence to make even the best liars confess to their misdeeds.