Jack Stone Investigations

We understand the devastating consequences of malpractice

in the real world can have, which is why we make it our

mission to assist in holding irresponsible citizens accountable

for their negligence.

Services Provided

Infidelity Investigation

Worried your wife, husband or partner is cheating on you? Do you suspect your partner may be having an affair right under your nose?

Medical Malpractice

Through our medical investigation we can help in three critical ways to best present your medical malpractice claim.

Digital Investigation

We have the ability to discover evidence otherwise concealed and inaccessible by the lesser-equipped private investigators in Florida.

Insurance Surveillance

We do as much background research on the subject as possible, and hopefully find out if they are working or on vacation.

About Us

Our chief investigator, John L. Simons, D.O. (A Board-certified physician) and our team of
medical investigators have helped clients throughout the United States assess,
investigate and seek the compensation they deserve. We are here to help you, too.
Call our chief medical investigator Dr. John L. Simons, D.O. at 754-802-5766 to
schedule a free evaluation